About Brain Injury and Stroke | Headway Black Country

Acquired brain injury covers all situations in which brain injury has occurred since birth. It includes traumatic brain injury (TBI) (for example, injury cause by an accident), Stroke (when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off) as well as tumour, brain haemorrhage, encephalitis etc.

Our brain is the part of our body that determines everything about us – what we think, what we do and who we are. Yet it can be damaged very easily. The brain is protected only by the bone of our skull, and may be injured even when there is no obvious external damage to the head.

The problems resulting from brain injury may not be obvious to other people. Because of this it is often referred to as a ‘hidden disability’. Brain injury can, however, completely change the lives of the person with the brain injury and those around them.

We supports adults with all forms of acquired brain injury (ABI).

Statistical information about the prevalence of acquired brain injury is available from Headway UK at:
www.headway.org.uk – statistics & resources