About Us | Headway Black Country

“Improving Life after Brain Injury”

Headway Black Country provides specialist services to adults with an Acquired Brain Injury or Stroke and to their families and carers.
Since 1997 we have been raising awareness about brain injury and helping people to live as independently as possible and to achieve their potential.
Brain injury can affect anyone, at any time and Headway Black Country, an independent charity affiliated to Headway – the brain injury association, offers a range of services to support people through these life-changing events.

Wherever you live in the Black Country ( Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall or Wolverhampton) we are a source of practical help, support, expertise and information in the community, at home or at our Centres.

Aims and objectives

We provide services for people over 18 years of age with an acquired brain injury and to their families and carers.
We offer a range of activities that aim to:

  • About Headway Black CountrySupport clients in meeting their needs and help them to realise their potential.
  • To provide a safe environment for clients to meet others with similar experiences and challenges.
  • To allow clients to engage in social, educational and creative activities.
  • To allow clients to improve independent personal skills which increases confidence and self-esteem.
  • To provide personal or telephone support for callers/carers from the general public.
  • To promote understanding of brain injury.
  • To raise awareness and support in our local community in the Black Country area of the West Midlands.

Our person centred approach encourages and assists clients to manage the cognitive, behavioural, emotional and physical effects that may arise from brain injury.

Our Objectives

Our main purpose is to promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to people with a brain injury, their families and carers.

Our Vision is that any person with an acquired brain injury and their family, living in the Black Country, will have access to all the resources and support they need to enable them to live an active and fulfilled life within their family and communities.

Our Objectives are:

  • To assist clients in re-learning lost skills and gain new ones
  • To provide a therapeutic environment with peer support
  • Secure funding for sustainability
  • Market and promote our services
  • Develop outreach services – reaching more brain injury survivors
  • Provide valuable respite for carers
  • Provide access to wider skills and opportunities
  • To train skilled staff and clients
  • Networking and communication with local authority, social services, PCTs and other professional organisations, promoting greater awareness of acquired brain injury
  • Develop partnerships with other agencies, including colleges and social business, providing more opportunities for the progression of our clients
  • Monitor outcomes for both the individual and the service