As well as regular meetings, our Carer Groups have excursions now and again.

On 25th July a group of carers visited the Red House Glass Cone at Wordsley for a pottery painting session and a spot of lunch.

I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it  but I thought it was brilliant. Total escape from being a carer and a chance to concentrate on a completely different activity” .


Most enjoyable, lovely to catch up and meet new people. A day off – which is very rare ! Would love to do it again“.


All in the group were very sociable, it was fun, absorbing, a very different way to spend a few hours. I’m sure we all benefited from it in many ways, I know I did. Thank you Nick and all at Headway”

These are just a couple of comments but reflect the value placed by carers on having some time out; doing something completely different.



The finished articles: 









Our Carer groups facilitate informal, social opportunities that offer respite from caring responsibilities.

Activities are guided by group members and while sharing experiences and strategies with peers can be really valuable, the emphasis is on taking a break from caring, in a relaxed, fun environment.