Headway Black Country is profoundly privileged to actively participate in Carers Week 2024, an essential campaign set to spotlight the heroic efforts of unpaid carers nationwide from June 10th to 16th.

Carers Week is not just about recognition—it is a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the significant role’s carers play, emphasising this year’s theme ‘Putting Carers on the Map’.

As an organisation dedicated to supporting individuals with brain injuries, we understand firsthand the challenges and crucial contributions these carers make to enhancing the quality of life for those they care for.

Carers Week is a clarion call for increased empathy, recognition, and support across every level of society including political, corporate, academia, and healthcare sectors.

Jayne Emery, Chief Officer of Headway Black Country, said, “This is a golden opportunity to shine a spotlight on the extraordinary, yet often invisible, efforts of carers, who are mostly unpaid. It’s crucial to bring their narratives to the forefront, ensuring they get the acknowledgment and assistance they deeply deserve.”

Our commitment during Carers Week extends beyond mere acknowledgement. We are dedicated to ensuring carers, particularly those assisting individuals with brain injuries, can access essential support and resources. By recognising even those who may not identify within the conventional ‘carer’ criterion, we aim to create a gateway for much-needed assistance and recognition.

Headway Black Country’s monthly engagement with carers across the Black Country serves as a vital part of our mission. We aim to catalyse a more inclusive and supportive atmosphere for carers, recognising their indispensable role in the recovery and daily support of individuals coping with the effects of brain injury.

We urge everyone to be part of this crucial initiative. Whether by spreading awareness, participating in events, or advocating for policies that bolster carer support, your involvement is significant. Every effort contributes to a more substantial collective impact.

For further details on how you can join in Carers Week and contribute to the invaluable work of supporting carers, especially those attending to individuals with brain injuries do reach out.

Let’s join hands to ensure every carer is seen, acknowledged, and supported. Their indispensable role not only changes lives but also embodies the essence of compassion and resilience. Through our concerted efforts and shared commitment, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of carers and those they meticulously care for.