Our Chorus is on hold for a while as we are concentrating on our weekly sessions during the pandemic.

We do have a singing session in Dudley on a Wednesday morning so if you would like to join in, please get in touch. 

Volunteers always welcome!

Our Interactive Music Sessions offer therapeutic music and sound programmes to aid physical, sensory and cognitive skills, with enjoyable music based activities to enhance emotional wellbeing and increase confidence.

The Headway Black Country Chorus is the showcase for the work carried out in these sessions. It is a secular choir with an emphasis on increasing vocal ability and deepening an understanding of music.

The Chorus demonstrate their shared interest and appreciation of simple vocal performance and the enjoyment and satisfaction that comes through communication and self expression.

Covering all styles and genres the group take responsibility for the repertoire and arrangements of songs chosen. They are usually accompanied with simple percussion and acoustic guitar or Ukulele.

The doors that music can open, and the unquestionable health benefits of communal singing have been well documented. With this in mind the chorus is planning some recording and more performances, going from strength to strength and gaining confidence and ability.