Keep us Counselling!

Headway Black Country offers a counselling service for survivors, their carers and close family members for a defined range of problems. We offer counselling as a free service so that anyone who needs it, whatever their income, can access this service.

Counselling can provide valuable and confidential support. The sessions provide a space where the client can talk to someone about their concerns and emotional difficulties, someone trained and skilled in listening and helping them clarify their thoughts and feelings, which the client may not be able to discuss with anyone else.

At the moment we are seeing an increase in the need for counselling,

so much so that we have a 10 week waiting list. 

We would like to shrink that wait and am asking you to help.

Please boost our income pot with a £5 donation via text message:

For a larger donation please contact the office or donate via our JustGiving page.