We are delighted that singer/song writer Brian Lindop has decided to donate a proportion of the proceeds from his new album “Images in the Water” to Headway Black Country.

The album is being sold at a price of £7, a proportion of which, will be donated to Headway Black Country, a charity supporting those affected by acquired brain injury. Brian says that this will be an on-going initiative in aid of the charity.

Brian adds “I also help to run the Sandpiper Folk Club in the Pigot Arms Pub in Pattingham, Wolverhampton. The club has been running successfully for 6 years and hosts very talented local singers and musicians. The club runs every alternate Wednesday throughout the year (www.sandpiperfolkclub.com ).

Way back in 1969 I was a member of a folk band called Marie Celeste and at that time released a vinyl album called “And then Perhaps”. This is now recognised as the rarest Folk Album in that era and is changing hands for large amounts of money as only 200 were privately pressed.

Besides now playing in the Sandpiper resident band “Foakwood” I am also a solo singer/songwriter and have just released a solo album of 12 tracks that I have written called “Images in the water.

 If you like this album please tell you friends and colleagues. Hope you enjoy the album.”

Albums can be purchased from Brian: brianlindop1985@gmail.com. From the 27th of July the album will be available to be purchased from streaming sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play and You Tube etc.

Our thanks to Brian for supporting our work through his creativity.