New Dudley Mayor to Support Us

The newly appointed Mayor of Dudley, Councillor Alan Taylor, has announced that he will be supporting

Headway Black Country during his year in office which started in May 2018.

We are absolutely delighted that Councillor Taylor has chosen to support our specialist work with adults affected by acquired brain injury and their families.

Since 1997 we have been raising awareness about brain injury and helping people to live as independently as possible and to achieve their potential. Brain injury and Stroke can affect anyone, at any time and we offer a range of services to support people through these life-changing events.

We are privileged to have been selected by The Mayor along with our colleagues at White House Cancer Support ( which supports people with cancer, their families and friends) and The Hope Centre, Halesowen (a charity with a Christian ethos which looks to provide practical and emotional support to people at their point of need).

Thank you Councillor Taylor. We look forward to working with you during your year in office.

Treasurer Vacancy

This a great opportunity to gain experience at Board level, helping us to grow our activities sustainably to meet the needs of those affected by the often life changing consequences of acquired brain injury.

We are looking for someone with a passion for our mission and who has senior experience of Financial Controls – ideally an Accountant.

Key aspects of this Honorary Treasurer role are ensuring high standards of financial management and contributing to the strategic plans of the charity. The Board of Trustees meets every two months with some involvement between meetings, depending on availability.

More information and an expression of interest form are available at: or call us on 01384 869961.

Thank You to Our Volunteers

If it wasn’t for our wonderful volunteers we wouldn’t be able to provide those affected by brain injury with the activities and support they need. We can’t thank them enough for all the hours they put in.

To find out more about volunteering with us please see:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

We have been so lucky to be able to arrange for 6 of our clients to enjoy a free course of rowing.

The feedback from them has been brilliant. It is clear that the whole experience has been fun, challenging and confidence boosting!

A massive thank you to Tina Boothroyd from Disability In Action, Mark Felgate of Dudley Rowing Club and our specialist instructor, Laura Tuckwood.

The course involved our “crew” getting the specialised rowing boat in and out of the water, getting in and out of the boat safely, the basics of rowing techniques and working as a team to move the boat around the reservoir.

We have had wet weeks, hot weeks and windy weeks. Every session has been fantastic for the crew who embraced the challenges!

New Life Skills Sessions – Dudley

We have launched two new Life Skills Activity Sessions in Dudley running on Wednesdays as follows:

 AM 9.30 – 12.30 Life Skills Planning, preparation, and execution of daily living skills.

Practicing practical day to day tasks relating to cooking, shopping, finances, safety and self-care.

Group activities and individualised goals.


To improve or maintain domestic, personal and instrumental activities of daily living.

To increase opportunities for planning, self-awareness, self-organisation.

To encourage independence and confidence within tasks.

To enable and enhance existing skill sets.

To encourage collaboration and communication with others.

PM 12.30 – 15.30 Strategies in I.T. Enable safe use of IT to aid daily living skills, e.g mobile phones, tablets etc.

Assist in using IT to communicate e.g  to explore forms of self-expression.

Using online information for day to day activities and hobbies.

Identify relevant strategies to aid cognition.

To develop understanding and skills in Information technology to aid independence.

To assist with compensatory strategies around cognition.

To assist with communication and interaction skills.

To assist with development of control and coordination.

To encourage social integration.


This adds to an already extensive programme of sessions offered at Dudley, Willenhall and Sandwell. There is more information on our website: ( – or contact us on 01384 869961.

Satisfaction Survey—Snapshot

Of the 46 Day Services clients who took part in our recent survey, all felt that our sessions had helped them to feel more confident and to manage day to day activities better. 98% felt that our activities had helped their socialisation with others.

Woody & Jono’s 105 Mile Ride for Headway B C

Woody’s Story – “A few years ago my mom / Jono’s sister suffered a brain injury that has left her unable to  know who her family are. She is currently in a care home, where she is being well looked after by staff. Unfortunately although we will never get her back, the money we are raising will go to help other people and family’s that has had to go through what we have. I am truly lucky to have a fantastic family which has supported me and dad over the last few years. Headway Black Country are responsible for raising their own funds locally, which means that all the money we raise goes directly into their work with those affected by brain injurys in the Black Country area of the West Midlands.”

We think this is an amazing initiative by Woody and Jono! Thank you guys!!

Please support them at:


Thank you to our Donors and Fundraisers

We are really grateful to all those who make donations or fundraise for us. This makes a big difference to the  services we can offer. We particularly wish to thank the Trustees of the former Wolverhampton Social Advice Club (Supporting People with Learning Disabilities) who recently made a significant donation following the closure of that Club.


Shelley is “Walking with the Baron”

Shelley will be “Walking with the Baron” on Sunday 1st July to raise funds for Headway Black Country. Please support her at:

Shelley says “Headway has been and is a great to support to me since I was involved in a serious accident.

I was unable to walk initially and have had multiple issues to deal with. Before my accident I was always very active and enjoyed running and other exercise. This is now much more difficult for me but I am determined to be as active as possible. I see “Walking with the Baron” as another achievement on my journey.

I feel this is a great opportunity for me to help raise awareness of and raise funds for the work of Headway Black Country. I feel like I am blessed with my Headway Angels. They have helped and supported me in every way and developed my skills, lifted my spirits, inspired and encouraged me to realise that life can still be worth living. I will be walking with my support team (Karen and Tracey) on a route through Walsall Arboretum starting at 10 am on Sunday 1st July.

 I hope that you will sponsor me and so support Headway Black Country .”

Reminder – GDPR Consents

Like many organisations we have been updating personal information which we collect and process in order to provide support services and/or keep people informed about what we do. We may have asked you to update the data consents we hold for you. If you have not returned your consent please do so as soon as possible otherwise it may affect how we support you/keep you informed.

You can now subscribe to our Newsletters at:

Changes to Life Skills Sessions

We have introduced some changes to the structures of our Life Skills Activity and Recreational sessions to provide better value for money to our service users.

All Life Skills Activity sessions are now three hours long (previously most of them were limited to two hours). Friday Recreational Sessions at Dudley are now offered to new clients with personal budgets who also attend a Life Skills Session at an hourly rate of £13.84. Reduced fees are available for clients who attend with their own support worker.

All clients continue to have a named worker, with key working taking place at least once every six months, including an assessment of progress against goals. Client Reviews are available on request – one review in each 12 month period. For information please see or call us on 01384 869961.

One to Watch ?

Our cinema critic rates the recent film by  Paddy Considine, ‘Journeyman’. It tells the story of a boxer who suffers a head trauma after what was supposed to be his last fight. It covers the effects on the boxer and his family as his speech, mobility and memory, are impaired.

The Official Trailer can be seen at:



Carer Group Dates

DUDLEY – 10.30 to 12.30 at: The White House, 10 Ednam Road, Dudley DY1 1JX – Thursdays;  28th June, 26th July, 30th August, 27th September, 25th October, 29th November

WOLVERHAMPTON/WILLENHALL/WALSALL –  12 noon to 2 pm : West Park Hospital meeting room – Wednesdays;  6th June, 4th July,  1st August, 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November, 5th December

WEST BROMWICH – 10.30 to 12.30 –  Café, YMCA, 38 Carter’s Green, West Bromwich B70 9LG  – Fridays; 15th June, 20th July, 17th August, 21st September, 19th October, 16th November, 21st December